What I do

I provide recorded sound and music for creative and commercial enterprises involving film, animation, games and online content. This involves generating ideas and every stage of composition and production involved in completing the audio soundtrack..

Tailored and innovative sound design/composition from an experienced producer and multi-instrumentalist can be the ingredient that makes content memorable and exceptional.

I offer full indemnity to all clients so they have peace of mind in avoiding the complexities of intellectual copyright law when commissioning music.

Here is a walkthrough of the various stages a project might involve....

  • Planning and generating ideas
  • Composing, recording and production
  • Mastering

Planning and generating ideas

Creating is a collaborative process, and depending on the nature of the project, I will be liasing with directors and other creatives to work out what is needed, check my work enhances the aesthetic of the project and synchronises perfectly with any visual content. There is often a lot of back and forth in this respect for the duration of each project.

Composing, recording and production

I create and produce everything from my home studio, which features state of the art recording and monitoring facilities. As a multi instrumentalist I'm able to combine live instrumentation (I play the piano, guitar, bass, double bass, ukelele and saxophone) with digital technology, and as such, have a great deal of flexibility in adapting to the needs of different projects. I create both music and sound effects (the later using foley, sound design, and sample libraries).

Producing music well gives clarity, impact and gloss to the finished audio, and ensures it retains these qualities when played back on a range of devices. For example, for many projects that are primarily heard on mobile phones, I will check my mixes using these speakers and tailor them to avoid the harsh frequencies that can be magnified through such devices. I use state of the art software from Steven Slate, Voxengo, Fabfilter, Dear VR, Polyverse and Waves in my production.


This is the final stage before audio is released into the world. Most crucially, it ensures that material is compliant in meeting broadcasting/streaming standards. It also makes sure that work sonically fits the genre or body of work to which it belongs.

"Whats the point in music?"

Being a versatile composer means having a broad philosophy on the purpose that music serves. Click here for a short essay on what music means to me.