Nervous Robot discovers Badlands: A sketch for 3D animation

Artwork by John D Keates:

Christian Louboutin

Ongoing work for fashion designer Christian Loboutin includes music and sound effects for an 80s style arcade machine, the soundtrack for a boutique steam train themed dining experience, a number of short animations, and an online interactive adventure game.

Fippertyjibbit (3D animated short)

A collaboration with Animator John Keates (Fantastic Beasts, Sunday in the Park with George) on bio-dystopian futuristic animated short Flipperjib, due for release in January 2021. All composition, production, mixing and sound design by James Boston .

Earth Space Moon Base (Random House publishers)

Music and sound effects for an irreverent 70’s style animation to promote a new children’s book by Author Ben Joel Price.

Children’s Theatre

I’ve been involved with sound design, composition and musical direction for many different children’s theatre companies including The Blue Elephant’s Art’s Council funded adaptation of Mervyn Peake’s Noah’s ark, the promenade theatre of beautiful creatures, and the developmental and educational shows of Hoop award winners Clip theatre, Topsy Turvy Theatre, and Unexpected Places.